Frequently Asked Questions

How much does ceiling insulation cost?
It is dependent on how big your home is and whether or not it has existing insulation. It is usually charged by square metre.
Are their subsidies for insulation?
Not at this stage. There are incentives for energy efficiency such as solar power, but no grants for insulating.
What are the benefits of insulating my home?
Insulation will reflect the sun's radiant heat, making the interior of your home or office cooler during the hot weather and warmer in colder weather. It also provides more privacy by reducing external noises, great for office boardrooms where voices are prone to echo.
Why is a Solar Whiz better than a whirlybird?
Whirlybirds are either powered or activated by the wind causing the vents to spin. They can reduce the heat in your roof cavity, but they are not as effective as Solar Whiz roof ventilation which is powered by the sun.
Do you install insulation in Townsville?
Yes, our service area extends from Mackay to Cairns.
Will Solar Light Whiz still work when it's raining?
It won't shine as brightly, but it will still provide light.
How do I know if there are parts of my house without insulation?
Please call us and we can organise an onsite inspection when we are in your area.
Does glass wool attract pests?
Insects, mice and rats will not nest in the insulation because it doesn't contain a food.