Solar in Townsville



Roof cavities are a haven for hot air and moisture making your home feel even hotter during the summer months.
Solar roof ventilation is an environmentally friendly way to remove heat build-up, replacing the whirlybirds that rely on temperature to spin the turbines.

Our solar products provide the benefits of a power-driven fan without the costs. Contact us on 0418 777 696 to learn more.
The average whirlybird shifts approximately 100 m3 of air per hour. Solar Whiz has four different sized models to select from:
  • SW-RAF700 for shifting 700m3 of air per hour
  • SW-RAF900 – 900m3 of air per hour
  • SW-RAF1400 – 1400m3 of air per hour
  • SW-RAF2100 – 2100 m3 of air per hour
Solar Whiz We use residential and commercial roof ventilation powered by solar energy from Solar Whiz. Roof ventilations reduce heat build-up in your roof cavity which seeps into your home or office. Lower indoor temperatures can drastically reduce your cooling costs. We can supply and install or supply only.
  • Sheds
  • Horse stables
  • Offices
  • Factories
  • Warehouses
  • Schools
  • Hospitals & aged care homes
  • Cabins
  • Caravans
  • Beach houses
If you're unsure of what size roof ventilation system is right for your property, contact us today.



Solar Light Whiz offers affordable solutions for lighting those darker areas. From low cost lighting in office buildings to imitation daylight, the flexible solar lighting system comes with options for circular and rectangular lights. All lighting comes with Solar Light Whiz's 4-year warranty.
  • Dimmers are available with all lights
  • Night packs are available
  • Installation is quick and easy



The Solar Whiz is a powerful solar roof ventilation system & heat extractor. The system operates completely without electricity saving on energy costs.



The Solar Whiz 10000 heat extractor system is designed specifically for warehouses, sheds and other large structures